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Is a Stupid Little Nigqueer

Fer Shure...

15 July 1989
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Im never quite sure about what I want to put in this box.

I find it to be quite flighty and prone to constant change, hower I guess like myself this also constantly changes.

However one thing that will never change is my name. SO I guess we'll start with that.

My name is Santos.

And I collect perfume and hearts.

Im a very nice person. And im really only shy around those I find attractive.But just because im not shy around you doesnt mean your not attractive, its just that I havent thought about how attractive you are yet!

I really like giving things to others! If your my friend be prepared to recieve random presents from me!

One of my favorite things to do is to take naps in the afternoon, and I especially love taking naps with others.

Your probably bored to tears by now.