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[January 10, 2010 @ 1:54am]
I no longer reside here.
Add me on Facebook ~ http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1563222816
And my new blog on Tumblr ~ http://swirlingblacklilies.tumblr.com/

Its been a fun ride.

[July 07, 2009 @ 10:39pm]
There...Is no greater agony then bearing an untold story within yourself.

[July 07, 2009 @ 2:14am]
I hate that I dont update enough.
I hate that Im in a rutt.
I hate that I cant trust myself.
I hate that friends choose asshole/controlling/obsessive/dogs over the ones that actually care for them.
(Oh and P.S. Hes stringing you along. He has no intention of getting back together with you. And if he did, he would cheat on you constantly like before. And Im sorry that you dont know anything about it while I know all about it. Its been going on for YEARS, and I cant deny that ive been getting sadistic pleasure from seeing you grovel to him, year after year, fight after fight. He wont let you get on with your life, and the reciprocate is true with you as well. This codependency must end.)
And I send out into the universe an apology.
Im sorry for the deciet.
Im sorry for theese hands.
Im sorry for the inappropriate sharing.
Im sorry about theese wandering lips.
Im sorry I know secrets about him that hes too scared to tell you.
Im sorry I lied about liking your cake.
Im sorry I cant help myself.

But most of all im sorry to the innocent that dont even know about it all.

Glad thats out there.
How are you?
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DANCE!!! [November 14, 2008 @ 10:28pm]
Come and see me dance tomorrow! Sat. Nov 15
At 2 pm or 7pm.

7 dollers a ticket, but you can probably sneak in...

And afterwords lets have a lil get together or somethin.
Since ya'll are adults now with that magical thing called driver liscences.

Seriously, please come.
I dont see my old friends anymore and it really upsets me.
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BUY & SELL FEEDBACK POST! [October 20, 2008 @ 6:23pm]
If Ive bought or sold an item to/from you please leave me appropriate feedback here!Collapse )
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Gifts. [October 13, 2008 @ 11:43pm]
Just a snippet as usual...

I want to send an old friend a present.
Just so that they know that even thogh we've drifted apart,
they'll still be in my best wishes.

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...fuck. [September 21, 2008 @ 8:35pm]

fuck fuck fuck...
Sewing machine is broken.

First piece is due the day after tomorrow.
It only sews every couple of inches...and nothing that I try seems to be working.
And I dont have the 90 bucks to get it serviced.

And its times like theese that sewing really helps to get my mind of all the BS.

please fashion gods, hear my prayers...
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[August 10, 2008 @ 2:50am]

egl is so full of bullshit dramorz theese days...well even more so.
The littlist things can set someone off and lead to a flame war.

Nothing happened to me, but just seeing all this shit happening in front of your eyes is kind of dumbfounding.

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WTF!?!?!!? [August 08, 2008 @ 2:43am]

I am so fucking tired of getting fucked over with school schedules...
I dont even have fashion on here WICH IS MY MAJOR MIND YOU!

01. Algebra 3-4 <---needs 2 gtfo. Ill take this online.
02. Vocal Development I
03. Dance Technique I <--needs to be II
04. US/AZ History. <---needs to be Fashion III
05. Mythlogy/Shortstory.
06. Study Skills <---They dont give me my major, but have the nerve to give me a study hall, lol!
07. Acting IV

Year after year I have to go through this and it got really old, really fast.
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[July 14, 2008 @ 5:49pm]

What, what?

A package for me?
From Vivienne Westwood?


Lets see whats inside...Collapse )
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[July 07, 2008 @ 3:17am]

As many of you probably know.
I have a birthday coming up. YES ITS TRUE!

I have made some changes this year. I have switched to a darker foundation. Ive started not wearing very much makeup save for lipgloss and a natural eye. Ive gotten more into my look. More into cloths and fashion.

This year Ill be 18.
Eighteen is a very magical number. You see one can engage in pornography, buy cigarettes and pretty much do anything, oh and you can also get arrested and thrown in jail.

Did you know that America has the highest drinking age in the world?
If I was in any other place in the world, I would most likely be planing on getting HAMMERED.
But right now im saying thank goodness im not allowed to purchase alchohol. I think with my current maturity I would be gone most of the time. Which isnt very attractive is it?

I think Im going to have a birthday party at a Le Girls.
And for those of you in the know, your laughing right now arent you!?

See you in the post mortem...

Happy Birthday, Patrick! [June 30, 2008 @ 1:01am]

I love this boy.
He fills my life with so much happiness

Happy 25th birthday...


IM PRESSIN' CHARGES! [June 24, 2008 @ 1:08am]
Because this is too awesome to be behind a cut.

BAAAAAAAWWWW about it later.

Subtitles for those with intelligience

My shit, matta fact you assassinating.

Cuz im finna to send him to come do it.

Anybody wanna see young jeezy kill Goerge Bush shawty?
Yuuuoooooooh, crank dat soulja girl.

Soulja girl allp in it, 'hoe'
Watcha crank an watchmeh roll
Waymi crank dat soulja girl an superman that hoe, now watch me yuuuooooh...
yahhh nigga yahhhh....get out ma face!
yahhh yahh yahhhhhh.....get out ma face!...
Eyo soulja girl can i get uh minute...ay!
Ummm ummm manhannahinnut ey!..
Ey soulja girl ey! yahhhh nigga yahhhhhhhh!
Yahhh yahh yahhhHhhh! get out ma face! get out ma face! i want my shit!..i want my shit!...i want my shit!...i want my shit!....shawty.

Beat dat ah, beat dat ah...ima beatcha ass on thi traiiin...we on da marta im finna do ma thang...
You thought I couldn't freestyle on you boo?
You owe everybody an apology fo yo shit hoe...
You got five minutes to do it or its over bitch.

Or ima ram through the white house and kick off in ma shit...
An you own wonna take it theuh...
I got a bunch of grown niggas in ma rent-uh-centu take it theuh..
It's ovur this mean war!..I'm ain squashing this shit shawty..We finna go to war..
Straight in the U.S...Ey jeezy baby i got this bitch right here lets take the test...
Somebody give me a phone shawty...i aint gon need no phone...........
Shawty.......Ima kill lil shawty...
guy: Shawty chill man its a old lady man chill man...
crazy: old lady???
guy: Yeah man...
crazy: you know what this old lady called me!?
guy: man chill with that crazy shit man...
crazy: chill!??!?! ima chill shawty...
guy: foreal tho...
crazy: ima go on and chill...
thank you that's the best advice that i could take shawty...just chill!...
till i get to Eli Train Station, and how dare you jump up in my face, N-E-way.

And say a GOD DAMN! thing to me about cussin out no old lady.

you the same nigga i been lookin for that raped me.

you the same nigga i been lookin for that raped me shawty.........
same nigga from glenwood. the same nigga. the same nigga from glenwood.

fuck glenwood????? eight teeth! hold up!!!!!!!!!!! wait a minute!!!!!!!!!!
hold!! you got not right bitch!!!!!!!!!! hold up!!!!!!
hold the fuck up hoe!!!!!! you got no right bitch!!!
boom* *kachow* *splat* *pow* *bam!*
Ay dude turn hands with that shit. hold hands with thi shit.

where ma A hat?
somebody get ma hat so i can go, somebody get ma hat so i can go, somebody get ma hat so i can go.
did anybody see muh hat.
if if they hit me! im pressin charges. im pressin charges. im pressin charges. im pressin charges.
whats they name? im pressin charges. im pressin charges. im pressin charges. im pressin charges.

im pressin charges. im pressin charges. im pressin charges.

where ma du-rag at????? *its on yuh head*
im pressin charges im pressin charges. its over.

Edit--->Who wants to have an extended sleep over? Hmm? hmm?

cant you just smell the cinasity? [June 22, 2008 @ 12:01am]
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Sales Post! [May 28, 2008 @ 10:11pm]
Btssb, Vivienne Westwood, Tarina Tarantino Jewellery, HeatheretteCollapse )
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Jumpin on the bandwagon C: [April 06, 2008 @ 12:12am]
Click to view my Personality Profile page

ESFP - The "Entertainer" Myers-Briggs Personality Types (Free Test)

ESFPs are cooperative, "here and now" people-persons that enjoy excitement and love new adventures. Because of their highly social nature, they are especially lively when they are the center of attention and hate being alone. ESFPs have a practical side that allows them to finish work efficiently and are often good problem solvers.

"For the ESFP, the entire world is a stage. They love to be the center of attention and perform for people. They're constantly putting on a show for others to entertain them and make them happy. They enjoy stimulating other people's senses, and are extremely good at it. They would love nothing more than for life to be a continual party, in which they play the role of the fun-loving host."

Changes [March 23, 2008 @ 2:01pm]

Ive been M.I.A for like ever it seems like. Although I may not post, I still try to comment on everything else.
Im Starting some changes. Not drastic ones, although I think that it will be for the better. This school year is almost over and I really couldnt be happier. Ive grown alot, and I have learned alot.
bitchbitch,whilebitchingCollapse )
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Perfume Servey! [February 27, 2008 @ 11:52pm]

SO I collect perfume's, right?

And im sitting here painting my nails thinking,
"I wonder what perfume the loli's on EGL wear?"

So im asking!

Post the
celebrity endorsment (if any)
& price!


[p.s. I am partial to Princess by Vera Wang for daytime, and Boudoir by Viv Westwood for night time]
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[January 27, 2008 @ 3:24pm]
A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".

1. I have the weirdist laugh ever. It changes constantly and right now its a cackle type thing.
2. I dont mix food, and I HATE for the different food to touch on my plate. on that note I have to finish one thing before I can start on another.
3. I cant sit or have other people sit on my bed if its not made, or I freak out.
4.its really hard for me to save money. I have to physically keep it away from me or else it dissapears.
5.I have over 600 dollers worth of jewelery i n my jewellery box right now.
6.Im getting really bad with getting up in the morning D:
7.I am unable to burp. So therfore drinking soda weighs on my conscience.

I tagggggg,
All ya, fooz.


[August 25, 2007 @ 5:22pm]

Heloo, Hello.
Im the name rater.
Want me to rate the names of your pokemon?

uomygod, ive been gone from lj for like the past two weeks.

School started on the 13. And I really like all of my classess, even though there are like a million people in all of them. oh well I have a feeling that theyll be gone in about a month, cuz they cant deal with the demand that NSA gives you.

Alot has happened also...like I said a while back, Kelynn doesnt go there anymore, and that still makes me all :'[
Although Brett came back! And honestly if he wasnt there I think I wouldnt even want to go to NSA anymore, because all of my good friends evaporated.
Except for Lauren of coarse, but we only have one class together and we dont even eat lunch together. wtf maaahn, get yo ass up to tha fashion room sum time!
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